Active Learning Spaces: A new world of teaching

Similar to top-tier universities globally, Bar Ilan University acknowledges the value and impact of active learning.

We have established four state-of-the-art active learning classrooms equipped with high-quality, mobile furniture, including chairs and tables.

These classrooms facilitate:

  •  Group collaboration
  •  An engaging and unique teaching and learning environment
  •  Maximum participation and teamwork among students

Join the lecturers already teaching in these classrooms.

active learning classrooms

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Participating Lecturers Share:

"The classroom is amazing. The students responded in a fascinating way and really enjoyed using the space. We were able to engage the students in a variety of ways: conversation, playing, creating collaborative presentations, holding discussions in groups etc. The classroom enables diversity in teaching and takes it to the next level. You can simply do things differently! The space itself is pleasant and mixes things up, which is also an important value in itself."

"There are tables and there is an opportunity for cooperative work in groups around the table. As a result, there is mutual enrichment and cooperation among the students."

Students Share: 

"A very innovative classroom, creates a better learning atmosphere."

"Pleasant classroom, real interaction. The class is equipped in a way that efficiently serves the lesson, both academically and socially."

"Excellent and advanced classrooms, very comfortable with the projector and the different seating arrangement, the chairs are comfortable and the option to always change the seating arrangements is very helpful for learning."