Excelling Lecturer

Each year the outstanding lecturers of the previous year are selected, and the "Excelling Lecturer Ceremony" is held.

A special academic committee establishes specifications, including criteria for choosing the excelling lecturer. The committee, which is made up of academic staff members, meets yearly to examine the specifications in comparison to the previous year's conclusions.

The seven following parameters are usually included in the specification:

  • Results of student satisfaction surveys from the three previous years.
  • Class size and a reasonable percentage of evaluators.
  • Involvement in teaching and attitude to colleagues.
  • Course difficulty levels.
  • Professionalism and innovation in courses, including compatibility between methods and content.
  • The number of courses the lecturer taught thoughout the year.
  • The number of advisees and the quality of guidance for MA and PhD.

Each department selects outstanding lecturers according to these specifications and delivers the list of candidates to the dean of the faculty. The deans choose the number of excelling lecturers in proportion to the size of the faculty. A committee of 15-18 people, consisting mostly of excelling lecturers from previous years, receives all the data. Each committee member rates the lecturers proposed by the deans independently according to the criteria mentioned above, along with the recommendations of the department heads and deans.

At the end of the year, the names of the chosen excelling lecturers are announced in a well-attended ceremony.

Large posters with the photos of the excelling lecturers are hung all around the campus for an entire year

Additionally, the outstanding departments are chosen and announced at the ceremony.

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