Learning Technologies Department

The role of the department is to help the lecturers design and develop the course environments in the Lamda system and to provide technical support throughout the process.

Lamda is a Learning Management System (LMS) that is used by many academic institutions today in Israel and around the world. The Lamda system is one of the university's three core systems and most of the teaching and learning processes are carried out through it.

The system helps lecturers manage their courses' learning and allows them to:

  • Organize the content and logical structure of the course.
  • Upload learning resources: files, links, presentations, audio players, Zoom meetings, videos etc.
  • Create interactive activities - surveys, tests, exams, videos, games etc.
  • Implement interactive activities from other platforms that interface with Lamda.
  • Open forums to manage discussions.
  • Send messages to all course students.
  • Monitor the students' learning progress.

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