Teaching Surveys

One of the Learning and Teaching Division's responsibilities is to conduct teaching satisfaction surveys.

The teaching surveys are undoubtedly an important tool for evaluating the quality of teaching at the university. The surveys help examine the teaching and learning processes with a critical eye and evaluate the effectiveness of the lecturers' teaching. They also help identify issues and analyze the needs of the students and thus shed a light how to improve the quality of teaching and make it more efficient. Furthermore, they incentivize the lecturers, who are interested in promotion and high ranking, to try to improve their teaching and strive to be better.

Bar-Ilan University holds a yearly satisfaction survey that examines the teaching in the various courses and allows students to evaluate their lecturers. In accordance with the Rector's and Vice Rector's policy, the results of a lecturer whose score average is less than 2.5 out of 5 are not published publicly (so as not to embarrass them), nor are the results of a lecturer with a survey response rate of less than 30% and/or 5 responders published. However, all results are forwarded to the dean, the head of the department and the lecturer themselves. The results appear in each lecturer's personal file and are added to the documents submitted to the appointments committee for promotion in rank.

The teaching surveys' results, including the notes and comments, are discussed in the appointments committee and play a significant part in decisions regarding promotion. Lecturers whose teaching survey results are low may be delayed in their promotion and receive a letter from the appointments committee with a demand to improve their teaching as a condition for subsequent promotions. Comments from the appointments committee appear in the lecturer's personal file.

Useful Links:

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